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tisdag, mars 06, 2007


Belief in exercise may make it more effective
People who think they're getting a good workout obtain more benefits than those who perform the exact same activities, but don't think what they are doing is exercise, according to the findings of a study by Harvard researchers. These results support the idea that the benefits of exercise may involve a placebo effect...

Fish oil unlikely to relieve depression
Despite some evidence linking depression with low levels of omega-3 fatty acids, there is currently no convincing evidence that omega-3 fatty acids alone can relieve depression, according to a report published this week...

How to Erase the Effects of Stress
Exercises that elicit the relaxation response can help your body erase the cumulative effects of stress, according to Stress Management: Techniques for Preventing and Easing Stress, a new report from Harvard Medical School. The report explains that stress has been linked with such physical problems as heart attack, stroke, gastrointestinal problems, and asthma, as well as emotional problems like depression, anxiety, and an inability to enjoy life...

Women Diet, Men Exercise
hat was the conclusion of one recent study. When it comes to weight loss, “women tend to use the diet approach and men use the exercise approach,” says Judy Driskell, Ph.D., professor of nutrition and health sciences at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln...

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